I just wanted to let you know about all of the compliments you have gotten on your potato salad in the past few days! I am the person who gave you and collected your visitor badges at Integreon on Thursday night, and so many of our employees commented on how delicious your potato salad is! Then I took some of what was leftover to a family gathering this weekend and I’m pretty sure every person who was there commented that this was the BEST potato salad they had ever had … and this was even coming from some people who said they generally are not big fans of potato salad!! I have literally never heard so many people rave about one particular item at any event I’ve been to or helped host!! Thank you for all you did to help make our company picnic a success last Thursday!
ReNae Motl
June 2015 ______________________________________________________________________________________
Food and service was great! Nice Job!
Looking forward to doing business in the future.
Thanks again
Jake Reese
June 2014 _________________________________________________________________________________________
Your food was fantastic, and there was so much of it, many of us got to enjoy delicious leftovers Thursday, too. That was the best fajita chicken I’ve ever tasted. And I’d been craving Special K bars as soon as I heard that was what we’d have – and they were great. Thank you!
Becky Koch
Off Campus Event for NDSU
July 2014 _______________________________________________________________________________________
Thank You so much for the wonderful lunch you served our department on Wednesday at our retreat at Titan Machinery, it was great!
I have organized Christmas parties for this finicky bunch and I have never heard them go on and on and on and on about how great the food was!
Everything from the peppers and onions, both kinds of meats, the “Special K Bars!” and the taco sauce were awesome!
Even a guy that never likes anything said he could sit down and eat an entire pan of the peppers and onions alone and take a nap afterwards!
Thank You very much, you are running an excellent business, and word will travel fast!
Chris Anderson
Off Campus Event for NDSU
July 2014 _______________________________________________________________________________________
Thank you so much for everything for our wedding.
I just wanted to tell you how many wonderful compliments I heard about the food at the wedding.
They all thought it was FABULOUS!
We also loved your staff!
They were all very pleasant and Rob was so helpful and accommodating.
It was also nice to meet another fellow Cotton Laker.
We will recommend Casey Jo’s Catering to many!
My cousin was interested in how I found you as he uses you for his catering in the Fargo area.
And had great things to say too!
Again, thank you. And if I ever need a caterer again, I will recommend yours!
Best Regards,
Wedding On Cotton Lake June 2014 __________________________________________________________________________________
I will just say your catering services exceeded our expectations. The food was excellent…we had very happy campers and full bellies! Thank you for taking care of us and providing your services! We look forward to working with you in the future!
Erica- High Point Networks
June 2014 ______________________________________________________________________________________
Everything went great! Thank you so much for everything, everyone loved the food and what we had left over didn't take long to find a home! Haha :) Thanks again, Kelly and Nate Mead
Wedding at Bonanzaville- West Fargo June 2014 ______________________________________________________________________________________
It is with pleasure that I write this testimonial on behalf of Casey Jo’s Catering Inc. of Sabin, MN.
On several occasions over the past few years, I have called upon Markell and her staff to provide food and service for small group functions at my home, and, for larger group functions at my office.
With Markell’s help, without fail, each function was a tremendous success!
All of my requests were met with enthusiasm and were actually enhanced by many fine ideas and modifications by Markell and her staff.
When asked to alter a recipe to suit my personal tastes, the food was prepared to perfection!
Too, when asked, Markell and her professional staff would happily provide personalized service at various functions serving guests and making sure all was set and maintained in an appealing presentation beautifully decorated with an elegant theme.
A few months ago, I called upon Markell and Casey Jo’s Catering asking to have personalized food service on a daily basis preparing a special diet and a set number of meals.
Without a moments’ hesitation, Markell agreed to do this. Now, I have delicious and nutritious meals prepared and delivered both to my home and to my office. When the need to alter my diet came about, again without hesitation, Markell and her staff rose to the occasion and embraced the change with happy enthusiasm.
Without reservation, I highly recommend Markell and Casey Jo’s Catering to any and all for specialized catering service.
Individuals and groups of all sizes will find Casey Jo’s the perfect fit for the simplest of functions to the grandest of events!
William F. Wosick, MD, President,
Independent Radiology Services, Ltd., Fargo ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Casey Jo's Catered Supper -
It was very good! Everyone agreed! Didn't need any salt or pepper...seasoned just right!! Thank you so much again!!
Debbie Simons- Horace ND
January 2014 ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Casey Jo's Catered Lunch- It was great!
I heard a lot of positive comments from the boys!
Thanks so much!
Cheryl Beiswenger
Key Contracting, Inc.
January 2014 ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
 We very much enjoyed the parties catered by Casey Jos!
Thank you for the great food, great service and wonderful customer service in the planning and executing!
Too bad we can't have big parties all the time, because we'd love to always have the wonderful experience!
Thanks so much for all your hard work and your dedication to providing the great menus!
Happy New Year!
Megan Goodmundson
Regional Housing Manager
Detroit Lakes Office
December 2013 ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The food was delicious!
I had a group of 15 people and everyone loved it all.
Having the food catered was the best thing I did since I had to work the same day.
I plan to do this more often!
Thank you,
Janel Lowe
December 24th, 2013 ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Thank you :)….It was a WONDERFUL evening!
 The food was FANTASTIC, the gentlemen working did a GREAT job! They were all very helpful and kind!
I will definitely be recommending your company to my family and friends! Thank you so much!
 Lonny & Nikki Miller
Groom & Bride/ August 17th, 2013

Everything was beyond amazing! We had so many compliments on the food, the meat in particular.

The cheesy potatoes were to die for!

We even had a few guests wanting to buy all the leftovers they liked it so much! :)

We are so thankful we chose you to cater our wedding.

If we ever need catering done in the future, we will most definitely be coming back to Casey Jo's Catering!

Thank you for all your hard work. Your staff did an amazing job without you being there.

We cannot thank you enough.

We will think of you all as we eat the leftovers at the lake for the fourth! Thanks again!

-Amanda Vangsnes....Gerding!!!! :)

June 2013


The food was on time and very delicious.  I heard many positive comments on it. 

People asked who catered it, so hopefully you get some future business from our event. 

I did order too much food so had lots of left overs.  It’s so hard to know what to plan for.   

I would definitely use your catering services again.  Thanks so much for all your help!

Pamela Lentz

June 3rd, 2013



 We recently hired Casey Jo’s Catering for our wedding of 650 plus people and they definitely went above and beyond our expectations as a catering service. They were flexible in every phase of planning our wedding. When we first met they were willing to meet us where ever was convenient for us, they would answer my questions through email immediately, and they even came out to our reception venue (a shop in the country) a week before the wedding to calm my nerves and guarantee they could serve in that set-up. The day of the wedding they served all the guests efficiently and effectively. There was never a waiting line and the food was amazing! In the week following the wedding we heard countless praise about the food. I can’t thank Casey Jo’s enough for doing such an incredible job at our wedding and I would suggest them to anybody who wants great food and excellent service.

Justin and Jaynie Halvorson

Hawley, MN

July 27th, 2012



I have had the pleasure of working with Aric  and Markell on many occasions, but this last one was the best!  From the  beginning of planning the meal to the day of the event, Casey Jos is nothing but  courteous, professional and above all helpful.  The food was exceptional  and their customer service is second to none.  They are not just caterers,  they are event planners! 

Thank you so much, Aric & Markell, for  all your help.  You are the best!

Leisha Woltjer


Episcopal Diocese of North  Dakota

June 27th, 2012


"Once again the meal was FANTASTIC!!!  You do such a great job with everything!

I have heard numerous "raves" about the meal once again.  Hat's off to you!!

I know when I place an order,I will be taken care of from the start,

 and you are such a joy to work with.   So, THANK YOU!!! 

You have my business and I will continue to spread the word,

however, not too much......we would hate for you to be too busy

and not available when I call! :)


Dakota Supply Group


You did an awesome job cooking and serving the food! We heard many compliments on how tender and juicy the meat was. 

The evening was great and we couldn’t have done it without you.

We will spread the word about your company and keep you in mind for any future gatherings. 

 It was a pleasure doing business with you. 

Tammy Johnk

Office Manager

Magnum Electric, Inc.

Thank you for providing an extraordinary meal at the wedding for our daughter, Paige, and new son, Clint.

 We received many, many, many positive comments about your delicious food.  The personal

hospitality both you and your staff extended to us and our guests was top-notch.  Before leaving on

their honeymoon, Clint and Paige both told us that the wedding exceeded their expectations.  Thank you

for your part in providing that for our children.  We are blessed.

Gail Wold


"Merry Christmas!"

Just wanted to thank you for the excellent food and service.

Received many compliments on your lasagna."

Thank you,


Parkview Terrace

“Hello Casey Jo′s Catering.

“Wanted to drop you a "Thank You" for a "Great Job" well done on our BBQ. Everything was delicious, from the Spaghetti Salad and Potato Salad to the Bean Hotdish, not to mention the dessert of Cookie Salad. Mmmmmmm.

“All 180 people in the plant want you back next year. Nice job on your professionalism and taking care of all our needs. We′ll see you in the spring.

- Pat Rerick


Indiana Seal
1601 43rd St N
Fargo, ND 58102
Phone: (701) 277-3225 Ext: 204
Fax: (701) 277-9286


“I′ve had the pleasure of attending several of Markell and Aric′s functions. Their food (and presentation) has always been fantastic with a something to please everyone. Markell is always so pleasant, cheery and accommodating and I know she loves to cook and is very good at it. I also know that Aric is very much at home in front of a grill. I have also been a client of Aric′s other businesses and have always been impressed with his professionalism. Each of them bring their own talents to the business and together I′m sure they will thrive in this business. I wouldn′t hesitate to use Casey Jo′s Catering every time I need a caterer.”

- Becky Nyland
Sabin, MN


“When you are in the need for catering, call Casey Jo′s Catering.

“When they had their open house this fall, the food was outstanding! I have eaten at over one thousand restaurants over my 20-year career as a business professional, and I have never had better food than I had at the Saign residence which was provided by Casey Jo′s Catering.

“The menu options and price list (assuming you want excellent quality and quantity) are better than any other catering business in town.

“I would recommend Casey Jo′s Catering to anyone.

“My favorite was the cookie salad, but I would recommend you try everything on the menu because I know you will not be disappointed.”

- David T. Nameniuk, CPA
Legal Professionals, Ltd.


"Over a year ago, I began planning for a family reunion. Coming from a family where my mother was the youngest of 18 children I knew there would be many people coming and needed to find a trustworthy, honorable caterer to work with. I contacted Casey Jo’s Catering to see what options were available to me.   Markell came up with a meal that would satisfy everyone of all ages, and was competitively priced. We ended up having 343 of the 427 family members attend. Markell, Aric, Kent, and Muriel arrived and were ready to serve within 30 minutes.  They successfully fed all 343 in an hour and were given an large applause for such an incredible meal.  Throughout the remainder of the day, many family members commented on the excellent quality of the meal and how flavorful the rotisserie beef sandwich, cookie fruit salad, potato salad, and brownie were. Markell & Aric genuinely care about the quality of their product and service and I would highly recommend Casey Jo’s Catering for your next event!

-Rob Arneson

2010 Sauvageau Family Reunion


We enjoyed the food prepared by Casey Jo’s!  Everything was wonderful.  From the simple lunch to the evening meal, each dish was thoughtfully prepared and beautifully presented at the Rustic Oaks.  There was plenty of food and it was hot and ready for us at the requested time.  I don’t know if we could even pick a favorite – it was all delicious!   

KayLynn Wold-  MAC'S Inc.


Greetings to you from the Council of Trinity Lutheran Church,                                                                                          

We would like to take this opportunity, to personally thank you, for all of the hard work and time that you put into making the Sabin Harvest Days a success. 

Part of the success came from gathering together and encouraging businesses and other groups, to participate, in the activities, that were taking place.  To that end, your effort and guidance were instrumental in helping Trinity Lutheran Church not only be a part of Sabin Harvest Days, but also accomplish our goal of reaching out to the community, while making available a nice lunch in our fellowship hall.  We would especially like to say thank you for providing the delicious pork roast, all sliced and ready to serve, and the potato dish on the side.  We received many comments regarding the flavor and the quality of the sandwiches and we are happy to pass along Casey Jo's name. Once again, thank you for being part of our success here at Trinity and also for organizing a successful Sabin Harvest Days.

Council of the Trinity Lutheran Church-Sabin MN